This year, we have five high schoolers graduating from Kino! They are pictured above (from left to right): Mia Redman, Graham Turner, Sofia Wittman, Caden Wilfong, and Jayden McGinnis.  On Wednesday, they all presented their Senior Projects to the community.  Senior Projects are a year-long investigation of an area of personal interest.  Seniors come up with a project plan and spending the year working with an advisor to complete it. 

A Book about Autism by Mia Redman

Mia spent the year writing A Book about Autism that discussed her personal experience and interviewed students with autism. Mia’s goal was to educate the community about the different presentations of autism, and a copy of her book will be available in the Kino library. Mia joined Kino as a freshman, and she’ll be attending Project Focus at the University of Arizona next year. 

Pixel Art by Graham Turner

Graham completed a portfolio of original pixel art. For his presentation, he animated the artwork and paired it with music he composed. Graham has been at Kino since sixth grade, and next year he plans to attend the University of Arizona to pursue a career in pixel art. 

“The Risk of a Gambler” by Sofia Wittman

Sofia fused her love of a video game called Twisted Wonderland with characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas to write a short story, titled “The Risk of a Gambler.” She also digitally illustrated the main characters of the story. Sofia joined Kino her sophomore year, and she’ll be attending Pima Community College next year. She’s interested in continuing writing and studying historical fashion. 

Untitled Novel by Caden Wilfong 

Caden completed 6 chapters of a novel for his final project.  During his presentation, he briefly summarized the book, read an excerpt of the prologue, and had signed copies for the community available afterwards. His novel was inspired by gothic horror novels and biblical fiction. Caden has been at Kino since fifth grade, and he’ll be attending Pima Community College next year. After completing his prerequisites at Pima, Caden plans to attend a four-year university to study law. 

Donkey Pen Expansion by Jayden McGinnis

To showcase his love for the animals, Jayden spent the year expanding the donkey pen. He had to dig trenches for the fence and holes for the posts, which is no easy task in the desert. The expansion doubled the space for the donkeys and sheep, who were excited to explore their new pen! Jayden joined Kino as a freshman. In the future, he hopes to continue to work outdoors with animals, and plans to volunteer at Kino this summer.