Our Field Trips

The World is Our Classroom

We view the broader world as a classroom and encourage field trips, apprentice work, and community service throughout Tucson.

In addition to local field trips, Kino School offers extended field trips, including marine biology study, museum visits, and camping and hiking throughout the western United States. Our trips take us far afield for long periods in close quarters: these trips are as much lessons in the community as they are lessons in any particular content area.

Three Ways Kino Field Trips are a Part of Our Curriculum:

1) At Kino School, we believe that learning should be tied to experience and should reflect the real world. We want our students to understand the world around them and learn in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. For example, when our students visit Yellowstone Park, they get to experience it first-hand and learn about its location, climate, geography, and history. This gives them a deeper understanding of what they read in books about Lewis and Clark, Native American dependence on buffalo, volcanic calderas, and geothermal power.

2) We encourage our students to be responsible for their own learning, actions, and lives. Field trips provide a great opportunity for them to learn about responsibility. We expect our students to take care of themselves and meet the expectations of others while camping and traveling.

3) At Kino, we also value community building. We want our students to be good team players and contribute positively to the group. Our extended field trips are a powerful tool for teaching our students to work together, care for one another, and develop a sense of community.

Things to Know:

  • Because the trips are so far from home, a student’s behavior must be acceptable to be eligible to participate.
  • Tuition must be current, and a parent or responsible party must sign Permission slips for all field trips.
  • We take all our field trips in the school van, equipped with seat belts and kept in good operating condition as outlined in Chapter 5 of Child Care Facility Rules.
  • More students than expected occasionally want to participate in a particular field trip. We may transport students in a car with a teacher or another parent. When a private vehicle is used, a copy of the driver’s license and insurance card is kept on record.
  • Children ages five years old and under eight years old and who are not more than 4’9″ tall are to be restrained in a child restraint system provided by the parent.
  • If the child is to be transported in a vehicle other than the school van, permission must be obtained from the parent on the permission slip or in writing.
  • Parents supply car seats for children who are four years old or who weigh less than 40 pounds, and all applicable paperwork and supplies, including water, a first-aid kit, and two blankets, are carried in the van in accordance with Chapter 5 of Child Care Facility Rules.
Kino students pose with "be kind" signs on a community service trip.

Kino School students and graduates are individuals who celebrate differences, navigate our increasingly diverse society and remain open to new ideas and experiences.

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