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Celebrating the intrinsic worth and dignity of children.

​Kino Learning Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit school that has remained steadfast in its commitment to small classes, individualized educational programming, and the fundamental values of progressive education. No matter how the standards of public school education have changed, from Back to Basics to Common Core to Authentic Assessment to AIMS testing, Kino maintains its focus on exploration and hands-on learning.

Our History

The founders of Kino School believed in children’s intrinsic worth and dignity and created an environment where children could receive a well-rounded, child-focused education. They felt that students had the right to be part of the design of their education, created through a partnership with teachers and parents. The current location of Kino School opened in 1976. ​

For nearly 50 years, Kino has remained rooted in a strong philosophy that recognizes that when students are given both the responsibility and the freedom that lie at the heart of being citizens in a democratic society, they develop respect for others and the community. In this way, students of all abilities can succeed.

Everyone Has a Place in the Kino Community

​Community is what is most important to everyone here. We often say, once a Kino kid, always a Kino kid. Some of our alums return to Kino to teach and give back to the community. We appreciate the parents of students who volunteer their time and enrich every student’s learning experience. 

Our Philosophy

We believe children are innately curious and that excitement is the key to learning. Education is a lifelong process, and it’s our role to assist, direct, and challenge students in a way that fosters cooperation and joy. At Kino, we believe that children are essentially compassionate and curious. If nurtured in a caring environment with trust and respect, they’ll grow into engaged and happy adults.

Kino students experience joy in learning and delight in life, for learning and life are one.

Kino’s unique learning approach.

  • Small groups where there is a deep respect for individual ideas and the development and progress of each student. 
  • Caring, experienced, and qualified teachers who foster student creativity, inquisitiveness, kindness, and integrity. 
  • Thought-provoking academics, extensive fine arts, field trips, and outdoor learning opportunities. 
  • Teachers who encourage student- choice through individual and collaborative work.

    Teachers are more than mentors.

    • Building on students’ natural curiosity and encouraging students to take the initiative, develop their passions, challenge themselves creatively and intellectually, and take ownership of their learning.
    • Teaching skills essential for success in the world beyond school, including core academic skills, leadership, responsibility, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.
    • Emphasizing depth over breadth, application of knowledge over memorization, active participation over passive reception of information, and thematic connections over single-subject learning.
    • Respect students as individuals, as learners, and as contributors.
    • Prepare students to become successful, compassionate, and socially aware citizens with respect for self and others.

    As a result, Kino School students and graduates are:

    • Intellectually motivated individuals with exceptional curiosity, maturity, and self-confidence.
    • Creative, inquisitive, thoughtful, and independent thinkers who eagerly meet academic challenges.
    • Individuals who celebrate differences, navigate our increasingly diverse society, and remain open to new ideas and experiences.
    • Informed and involved citizens who respect others, work effectively in groups, and serve others with compassion and commitment.
    • Lifelong, passionate learners who believe in themselves and make a difference in the world.

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