Every year, our high school seniors are asked to design and execute a project that represents of culmination of their years at Kino, passions, and future careers. This year, our two seniors completed the massive undertaking of designing and building workspaces at our Animal Center. With the help of their advisor, Charlie, each senior successfully completed and presented their projects to the community this Wednesday.

Diego Checchi’s Welding Workspace

For his Senior Project, Diego designed a welding workspace at the Animal Center. A passionate shop student who wants to pursue a career in welding, Diego explained that he wanted to make a flat, level space for future Kino students to safely weld. With Charlie’s help, he designed the space, installed the plumbing, built the concrete frames, poured the concrete, and installed a stainless steel sink. He organized the shop materials and tables so that next year, it’d be ready for the shop students. He estimated that he spent over 150 hours working on his space!

Nico Powell’s DLM Headquarters

For his senior project, Nico wanted to make an outdoor office and classroom space for Kino’s Department of Land Management, a club he founded to help preserve the nature and trails at Kino. Nico plans to still volunteer to help the DLM, although he’s hoping to go into mining for a future career. With Charlie’s help, he designed the space, installed the plumbing and footers, and built two brick walls with workstations and windows to help define the space. He’s still planning to install a stainless steel sink and extend an electrical outlet to the desk area. He estimated that he put over 300 hours into the project!

The Presidential Volunteer Service Gold Award

Before the Senior Project presentations, Lisa Rakestraw awarded two students, Jack (9th grade) and Elijah (8th grade) the Presidential Volunteer Service Gold awards for completing over 100 hours of community service this year. Elijah earned many of his hours training service dogs, and Jack earned many of his hours here helping at school. Jack was one of many students who assisted our Seniors in completing their projects, and he plans to take over as the leader of the DLM next year for Nico!

The work these students put into the community showcase what Kino is all about. We’re so thankful that they’re a part of our school, and we can’t wait to see what they do in the future!