This year both our seniors, Diego and Nico, are working with Charlie to add workshops to the Animal Center for their Senior Projects!
Nico is adding a Kino Department of Land Management Headquarters (DLM) on the west side of the woodworking/storage building. Nico founded and leads the DLM, which is devoted to maintaining and preserving the trails and desert on our 10 acres of property. This outdoor office/classroom space will be used for Kino DLM meetings. So far, Nico and Charlie have made a frame for pouring concrete and installed water lines. They also plan to add half-walls to the south and west sides of the space, and Nico is having a custom sign made for the space. Jack, a freshman, has been helping with both projects for community service, and he will get the Presidential Volunteer Service Award this year for all the community service he’s done!
Diego is adding a Welding/Shop space to the east side of the building. He also made a frame for pouring concrete and installed water lines. Diego is passionate about shop and welding, and he hopes to pursue that for a future career. Diego and Charlie recently brought all the shop and metalworking supplies and tools down to the Animal Center so that we can have a dedicated space for Industrial Arts. While shop students have started welding at the Animal Center, there wasn’t a flat space to work. Diego’s outdoor classroom space will be perfect for welding and shop projects for future classes!
Charlie has been spending weekends helping Diego and Nico finish these laborious senior projects, and they will be pouring concrete this weekend. We’re so excited to see the finished products in May!