This week was Project Week at Kino! It was hard to keep track of all the fun projects throughout the week.

Here are some workshop highlights: scrapbooking with Neha, knitting with Cezanne, painting the basketball court with Tony, a picnic with Caroline, sheep shearing with Lisa, mural painting with Vanessa, and lots of painting with Jen.

We also had a lot of parents and students run workshops too! Carlyn (Kaimoku, Rosemary, and Violet’s Mom) came in to help process Alabama’s wool until thread. Clark (Will and Eliza’s Mom) helped students make recycled paper. They even made a scarf! Chad (Lucas’s Dad) came in to teach an all-ages juggling workshop. Students also held workshops! Janeya (a Junior) taught a balloon animal workshop to primary and high school/junior high and Madeline showed students how to crochet during the knitting workshop.

Regular classes also took breaks from regularly scheduled programs, and students were excused from classes to work on independent projects. Mike did lots of fun experiments and games with primary/mid-level, Noelle helped the Primary kids make an acrostic poem and shirt for Lyra using sandpaper, and Cezanne made board games with her mid-level Spanish students and a dubbed Spanish clip from “Ratatouille” with her Junior High Spanish students. Students excused from classes spent the week translating songs, making presentations, creating games and animation in Flolab, learning to throw on the wheel, pouring concrete, and making movie trailers. They all were given the opportunity to present their projects to the school at the end of the week.