On the last day of school, the Primary Music/Spanish class performed the cumbia to El Monstro de la Leguna (Monster of the Lagoon). They showcased their dancing as well as their knowledge of Spanish words for body parts. Here’s a video of their performance:
After the Primary performance, our Rock Band performed outside. This was Caden’s final performance in Rock Band as a graduating senior. They played Peter Gunn, Paint it Black, Home Sweet Home, and Bad Moon Rising. Here’s a video of Home Sweet Home, featuring Quinn on guitar/keyboard, Reese on vocals, Caden on bass guitar, and Scott, their music teacher, on guitar: 
Here’s a video of their final song, Bad Mood Rising, featuring Reese on vocals, Caden on drums, and Quinn and Scott on guitar: 
We love seeing all the performances–it was a perfect way to end the year. Next year, Scott will be back teaching music, so if this inspired you, think about signing up for lessons next year!