This year, we have 6 homerooms and 3 new homeroom teachers! Homeroom is a unique and important part of Kino. Homerooms meet for 30 minutes at the start and end of every school day. They are mixed aged (K-12) and a place for kids to work together, get to know each other, set goals, and have fun! 

Caroline’s Homeroom

Caroline’s Homeroomies: Kalliope, Evans, Felix, Grey, Kat, Asher, Joan, Ana, Reese, Danae, Parker, Joseph, and Ridley
This year, Caroline’s Homeroom meets on the south side of the school. It’s got cool “mythical worlds” decorations, so it’s hard to miss! So far, they’ve been reviewing schedules, learning about medieval snacks, and playing drawing games. They have an exciting “to do” list that includes breakfast, boba, Defy, and game stations!

Neha’s Homeroom

Neha’s Homeroomies: Jaylie, Ellie C., Kaimoku, Myka, Ellie S., Rex, Camrynn, Calen, Quinn, Joey, Leo, and Magic
Neha’s homeroom is in the middle of the south side of the school by the south door. So far, they’ve been playing games like spoons and trivia, coloring, and watching The Lorax. They’re looking forward to celebrating homeroom birthdays, going to see a play, and lots more games!

Tony’s Homeroom

Tony’s Homeroomies: Cosme, Archer, Jessara, Rosemary, Noah, Matthew, Sawyer, Sy, Brian, Andres, Sophia, and Maddox
Tony’s homeroom is on the south side of the building right in front of the castle. So far this year they’ve played a heated game of Scattegories, made playdough animals, played basketball, and played a word game called Centipede. They are going to the zoo next Friday and the Botanical Gardens next month!