Jennifer S.’s Homeroom 

Jennisquirrels’s Homeroomies: Eliza, Aurelia, Dillon, Mari, Grace, Lucas, Lorenzo, Selki, Amaya, Sam, Kellen, Z, and Diego
Jennifer S.’s homeroom is right in front of the art center and has lots of cute Mario Bros decorations.  So far this year, they’ve grown a “pet flamingo” in water, which they named Gerald Stevens; played the Loteria; and have answered lots of getting to know you questions.  They are looking forward to a field trip to the park and Purple Penguin Candy Shop, and they are already excited for Halloween! 

Lisa’s Homeroom

Lisa’s Homeroomies: Will, Cadence, Taliyah, Justice, Nurhan, Aidan, Lailah, Elijah, Jack, Kaiya, Nathan, Nico, and Andrew
Lisa’s homeroom is in the middle of the north side of the school and is decorated using Legos–they even made Lego nametags for their cubbies!  They are have played lots of games so far in homeroom: charades, Pictionary, tag, and other party games. They are looking forward to a field trip today to get boba and more field trips during the year, potentially including a trip to Mt. Lemmon!

Jennifer K.’s Homeroom

Jennifer K.’s Homeroomies: Violet, Luis, Jordan, Nick, McKayla, Zach, Kit, Darion, Carter, Raiden, Janeya
Jennifer K.’s homeroom is in the library and is sloth-themed. They went on a field trip today with Tony’s homeroom to the Reid Park Zoo, which is home to a new sloth! In homeroom, they’ve been playing “would you rather?” and going outside to play basketball. They are looking forward to another fieldtrip to Shamrock Farms next month.