This year, in addition to teaching Spanish and music, Cezanne has also taken on the role of Kino Librarian. She’s got a troupe of volunteers, self-titled the “Library Gremlins,” that have been helping her upkeep the library, shelve books, clean, decorate, and make displays. Andrew and Nico even designed a fully operational book pulley to the loft so that books could easily be transported up and down. They used it to bring the chess table up!
This month they put a variety of black authors on display in honor of Black History month. They’ve also been working on posters to celebrate Love of Reading month. Today, they went on a field trip to Bookmans to buy books and do market research on the most popular books to get for the library. Nathan was their 50th customer of the day and got his books for free! 

Upcoming Events

On Wednesday, February 14th, we are inviting students to come in wearing PJs and with their favorite book. If they don’t have a book, Cezanne and her library gremlins organized a “Blind Date with a Book” activity, where students are encouraged to “not judge a book by its cover” and pick one of their wrapped books to read. Robert Bonilla, a parent and firefighter, will come in to read to the kids in the afternoon.
They’ve also got big plans for this year’s Book Breakfast on February 17th from 9:30-11:30. They will be hosting several book-focused games and activities during breakfast. There will also be a poster contest for students. The cost of admission is one new book for our library. This year, they are hoping that parents will donate books for the young adult section of our library, as well as books that feature diverse perspectives. If you aren’t sure what to bring, here’s the book registry that all the teachers have been adding to for the event! We hope to see everyone there.