Our students have been hard at work rehearsing for the holiday concert next Thursday. We’ll be having a full rehearsal for the whole school at 2:00pm and a performance that evening at 6:00pm (right after the Board introduction/Q&A). We hope you can make it to their performance! 

Primary and Mid-Level

Cezanne’s primary students will be performing “Vamos a la Mar” and “The Twelve Days of Kino,” a song they all helped write!  Cezanne’s mid-level students will be performing “Feliz Navidad” and “Mi Burrito Sabanero.” Watch the video for a sneak peak of “The Twelve Days of Kino”:

Rock Band

Scott’s Rock Band students have also been working hard to perfect their performance of “Carol of the Bells.” It’s almost entirely a Cappella (along with a glockenspiel and bass), and they’ve been diligently practicing! Watch the video for a short clip of their beautiful harmonization: