Hoof Training

Students in Lisa’s Hoof Training use positive reinforcement to shape the behavior of the animals. We have two mini-donkeys (Wicket and Waffles) and three sheep (Nova, Cinnamon, and Alabama). Each student develops a close relationship with “their” animal, which they spend all year training. They teach the donkeys and sheep to walk on balance beams, jump over small hurdles, ride a “see-saw,” weave a slalom, and more! Each animal has a main trainer and an alternate trainer:  Reese and Kit train Wicket; Jack and Raiden train Waffles; Quinn and Darian train Alabama; McKayla, Sierra, and Camrynn train Cinnamon; and Nick and Grace train Nova. Here are a few videos of our trainers in action:

Bird Enrichment 

Students in Bird Enrichment visit the birds, give them treats, and interact with them to form positive relationships with them. We have 8 chickens (Cassie, Dia, Maple, Ziggy, Beauty, Pineapple, Sun, and Penny) and one turkey (Annabelle). This year, we are thankful to have a parent volunteer, Susan Kent, who helps supervise bird enrichment every Wednesday. Students get to know all the birds and become bird ambassadors who can tell the Kino community about the birds’ temperaments, likes, and dislikes. Even though most chickens and turkeys don’t like to be held, through all the love and attention our birds get, they actually like to be picked up and sit in laps!