This week, the theater students performed three original skits at the Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre (located in the Historic Y downtown). Their teacher, Zac, spent the semester helping them collaborate to write their own takes on classic fairy tales. 

Dress Rehearsal and Warm-Ups

To prepare for the performance, students had a dress rehearsal in the theater. They learned their lighting cues, stage directions, prop use, and blocking. They also did a lot of warm-up activities to help teach them to project their voices and get comfortable on stage.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Small, Good Wolf

The first skit, put on by Joan, Grey, and Zach, was a reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood. In their version, a kind wolf wants to befriend Little Red, and unsuccessfully tries to win her favor with a series of presents. The wolf’s human grandfather tries to give the wolf advice, but all their plans fail. In the end, the wolf realizes he’d be better off going somewhere where people like him and leaves town.

Murder (of Crows)

The next skit, put on by Kat, Mari, Sierra, Janeya, and McKayla, is a spin-off of The Three Little Pigs, with a touch of Frankenstein. A mad scientist, obsessed with birds, accidentally turns themself into a snake when their bird potion is sabotaged. The now-snake scientist visits three birds; they are able to eat the first two birds, and they turn a scarecrow to life to help catch the third bird. However, the third bird, a crow, outsmarts the scientist-snake, and a group of crows attack and defeat the evil scientist. 


The final of the three skits, put on by Grace, Lailah, Brian, and Reese, is a modern take on The Gingerbread Man. A gingerbread cookie named Gingi, fresh out of the oven, emerges and is immediately labeled a “Gingerbread Man.” However, Gingi spends the rest of the play confused as to why a cookie would be labeled a “man” (or “woman”). After meeting a baby cow and an elder pig, who both are confused by Gingi’s refusal to be a “gingerbread man,” Gingi meets a wise fox and travels to a land of (gluten-free) bakers where they can live comfortably as a cookie.