Career Panel

This week, Serena (our counselor) organized a career panel for our high schoolers. We had five panelists speak: Andrew, an electrical engineer who specializes in digital signal processing; Caleb, an apprentice at a local construction company; Genesis, a policy advisor for Mayor Regina Romero; Allison, a certified surgical technician in orthopedics and plastic surgery; and Jen, a registered nurse who works in pediatric home healthcare. The panelists all spoke about their education and the pros and cons of their profession, and students were able to ask questions during their presentation. We hope to have another panel with more careers before the end of the year!

Ken’s Goodbye Party

Sadly, this was Ken’s last week as our primary aide. She’s been a wonderful addition to our Kino family, and the primary kids will miss her! This Thursday she brought in donuts and had a party where they all shared their favorite memories together. Even though we’re sad to say goodbye to Ken, she’s been working with Jade, our new primary aide, to make sure that it’ll be a smooth transition, and we’re excited to welcome Jade! Jade also took over for afterschool earlier this month, and she’s been really enjoying getting to know all the kids. Ken plans to write to the primary students, who are all excited to write letters back to her. We know they’ll miss her drawings, songs, and games!